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Stark Raving Reviews, the best review site on the PLANET, is coming to you LIVE from our underground bunker deep in the Sonoran Desert.

The Stark Raving Review Crew:

Charles Wilhelm, Site Admin & Wannabe Reviewer.
Despite watching thousands of movies, and starting hundreds of reviews, Mr. Wilhelm has yet to post a single review.  We hear the second half of 2010 may see great things from this illustrious member of the SRR crew, but we have our doubts.

UPDATE – October 2010:  Mr. Wilhelm finally finished AND published a review.  Winner of the office pool is Juan.  Word around the water cooler says there may be more reviews forthcoming from our fearless admin.

Darrell Hayhurst, Stark Raving Reviewer and Master Game Designer.
Not only is Mr. Hayhurst our most prolific reviewer, he is also an acclaimed game designer, best known for the Origin-nominated WWII pulp sci fi space combat hit “Hard Vacuum” released in 2000 and the exciting follow-up expansion “Hard Vacuum: Science Gone Mad” in 2001 and the “Hard Vacuum: War’s End” three-parter, “Bright Sun Ascending!”, “The Highest Ground!” and “Red Rockets Rising!” in 2004.

Juan Carlos Alfonso Santiago, Stark Raving Reviewer and Pretender to the Spanish Throne.
Mr. Santiago is named for King Juan Carlos I of Spain, having been born at the precise moment Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias succeded dictator Francisco Franco to fill the three-and-a-half-decade long vacancy on the Spanish throne as the King of Spain two days after Franco’s death in 1975.  Santiago is a well-known Pretender to the aformentioned Spanish Throne, but not in the historical sense…  He actually sits around and pretends he is the King of Spain.  Mr. Santiago is best known, however, for being the only person to ever survive all 24 hours of the “Clash of the Titans” marathon on Superstation WGN.

About the Author

Stark Raving Reviewer Charles Wilhelm is best known for his life-long inability to finish anything he st